Dr. John Cintineo, DC

I didn’t experience a miracle myself, but as a teenager, I saw first-hand the effectiveness of chiropractic. In the late 1970’s, my father, a chronic back pain sufferer, had gone from medical doctor to medical doctor in search of relief. Traditional medicine offered him little help other than the advice of rest and prescriptions for pain relievers. Finally, my dad was referred to a chiropractor by a good friend.

After seeing the great results my father had without the need for drugs or surgery, I became very interested in chiropractic and natural health. As this was my senior year in high school, I had already applied and been accepted to aeronautical school. I met with his chiropractor several times before I made my decision to change my career path and the rest as they say…is history!

During my undergraduate studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey, I carefully explored the different chiropractic colleges throughout the United States and decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the birthplace of chiropractic. During my time at Palmer, I was amazed at how similar a chiropractor’s education is to that of a medical doctor. The first half of our training is nearly identical in terms of anatomy, physiology, neurology and body systems. The second half is where a chiropractor’s training focuses on radiology and various methods of delivering chiropractic care.

Over the past 20+ years as my practice has evolved from a solo chiropractic practice to the multi-doctor, multi-specialty facility it is today, neither I, nor my staff have ever lost sight of the fact that our number one goal: to provide our patients with a first class experience…from friendly and experienced staff to our providers who deliver your treatment with care, compassion and clinical excellence. To this end, I have always strived to constantly better my clinical skills through continuing education and trained my staff to treat our patients the way they would like and EXPECT to be treated!

Chiropractic has been a part of my life since my teen years so I’ve raised my family and have educated many of my patients to think: Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last!

While drugs and surgery certainly have their place in today’s healthcare model, there is a BIG difference between taking a pill to mask the pain as opposed to finding and correcting the underlying cause of their pain. I strive to educate my patients to think in this manner. An ounce of prevention IS worth more than a pound of cure! You don’t go to the dentist only when you have a toothache, do you? Of course not! It would be silly to let your teeth decay and degenerate to the point where they cause pain, wouldn’t it? Yet, your teeth CAN decay, fall out and be replaced with virtually no impact on your life. Consider what would happen if your spine degenerated to the point where you had thinning discs that caused permanent pressure on a nerve. In addition to being painful, it could become debilitating enough where it would prevent you from enjoying the activities you love like golf, dancing, gardening, etc. That would cramp your lifestyle, wouldn’t it? Lack of activity then becomes a vicious cycle and can lead to progressive degeneration, depression, weight gain, etc. Yet, most people are more diligent at maintaining their teeth and their car than they are at maintaining their spine!

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