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We will help you litigate your case with demonstrative evidence and objective, evidence-based research.  

Since 2009, Dr. Cintineo has taken nearly 1,000 hours of post-graduate continuing education in the specialized areas of MRI Interpretation, Crash Reconstruction, Spinal Biomechanical Engineering Orthopedic Testing, Trauma Triage, Diagnosis and much, much more.  He earned these credentials through the Academy of Chiropractic and the National Spine Management Group. The academic institutions sponsoring these programs are the University of Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Cleveland University, Kansas City. 

The following credentials make a difference in litigating your clients’ case: 

Dr. Cintineo is credentialed in Crash Reconstruction and Spinal Biomechanical Engineering which gives him a unique combination of specialized knowledge in physics, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, advanced diagnostic interpretation (MRI, radiograph, etc.) and human kinematic response to traumatic events. His evaluation and analysis of the patient is performed via the application of crash reconstruction, biomechanical analysis and objective medical findings. These principals assist in determining the effects of forces on the body which causally relates it to bodily injury.  By utilizing these objective measures, we can diffuse the defense’s deceptive claims relating to the argument that minimal vehicle damage equals minimal (or no) bodily injury.

Dr. Cintineo is educated in biomechanics, patho-biomechanics and bio-neurobiomechanics of the spine. 

Neuro/electrodiagnostic testing and research helps us reach an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan through objective measures.  We can assist you in navigating these tests and understanding their protocols. 

Physicians, crash reconstructionists, and biomechanical experts both on the plaintiff or defense side provide opinions with an attempt to clinically correlate causality, bodily injury and persistent functional loss.  Many of these experts opine on diagnosis, prognosis, and future outcomes/permanency/disability.  When asked to provide rebuttals of these expert opinions, we provide forensic analysis and, in many instances, determine that their opinions fail to provide accurate data sources and/or lack demonstrable objective evidence to support their opinions.  We will author easy to understand rebuttals that that provide the demonstrative evidence needed to clinically support an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan as well as document persistent functional loss. 

With years of experience in treating bodily injury with credentials in forensic analysis of spinal MRI and radiographs, Dr. Cintineo’s focus on clinical correlation of causality and how it relates to bodily injury.  We circumvent the insurance carrier’s rhetoric by providing demonstrative objective evidence as to the origin of the patient’s pathology. Our evidence is backed by indexed peer-reviewed research and will answer the following questions:  a) was the injury recent or did it pre-date the accident?  b) are there multiple findings of a recent injury superimposed upon age-appropriate degenerative changes?

Dr. Cintineo is trained in performing an accurate history, including pre-crash and post-crash. This determines a proper comprehensive examination process which will assist in the correlation of causality, bodily injury and persistent functional loss. Additionally, this will provide a preliminary diagnosis, prognosis and future injury outcome. Once this is accomplished, we triage and create a custom treatment plan including any necessary imaging, testing and co-management with other specialists. 

Dr. Cintineo is highly trained and credentialed to read his own MRI studies on his patients. Of even greater importance, he understands and knows how to order an MRI using proper technical protocols. MRI facilities using improper technique and protocols will many times miss important findings that assist in diagnosing injury. A treating physician who orders MRI and fails to understand the application of MRI physics and MRI technician protocol, may result in an inaccurate diagnosis, prognosis and future injury outcome. This will also interfere with clinically correlating causality and relationship to bodily injury. Proper technique and protocols include magnet strength, thickness of image slices, proper angulation of the slices and providing full imaging series which assist in determining acute vs. chronic pathology.

Understanding the impairment of a patient from pathology to treatment and the key differences between the guidelines gives you the ability to litigate your case properly. 

This is the study and understanding the full extent of the connective tissue injury-repair phases and mechanisms. Tissues include, but are not limited to ligaments, muscles, tendons, facet joints and spinal disc. Importantly, this allows Dr. Cintineo to determine if multiple diagnoses exist in addition to recognizing the potential of multiple pain generators. 

This is simple! Being trauma team qualified requires a physician with specialized training who can thoroughly evaluate, diagnose, and attempt to stabilize patients who have sustained a physically traumatic injury. These patients have often experienced a car accident, physical assault, high-impact sports injury, or a fall. You need a trauma qualified physician on your side with the requisite certificates and credentials to manage and understand traumatic injury beyond the scope of other general chiropractors. 

Dr. Cintineo’s credentials make a difference 

You need an expert that is credentialed in the above areas and understands the complexities of evaluation, triage and management of the traumatically injured patient as well as the way the body responds to this type of trauma! 

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