Auto Accidents For Patients
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Being involved in an automobile crash is a very traumatic experience. In addition to the physical pain you may be experiencing, there are also many questions that accident victims have, especially if it is their first accident.

First, it’s not unusual for pain to begin after a few days. Immediately after the crash, your emotions run high and your adrenaline may mask any immediate symptoms. The inflammatory process does not reach its peak until 48-72 hours after the crash so symptoms may not begin until this time. If, after the crash, you don’t feel you need immediate medical attention or to visit the Emergency Department, go home and rest. Pay careful attention to your body over the next several days for anything that feels different or any pain you may begin to experience.

If you decide you need to see a doctor, our office is the best place to start. Dr. Cintineo and Dr. Errichiello are trauma trained specialists with advanced credentials in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of trauma patients. Just like there are specialists in the medical field, there are specialists in chiropractic as well. You wouldn’t see your primary care physician for a heart issue, would you? In the same way, you don’t want to see a “general” or a “family” chiropractor for injuries sustained in a car crash. The doctor that you select and ultimately treat with can have a dramatic effect on your recovery, healing and whether or not you have a permanent injury following your treatment!

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